MACS - Mobile Ammunition Combustion System (Canadian MOE Approved)


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The MACS Mobile Ammunition Combustion System renders live and expired ammunition into harmless and recyclable components using a technologically advanced and proven design that is safe for bomb techs, law enforcement officers and the environment. In use since 2001, MACS was designed in a joint venture between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and TWB Designs and is in use by the RCMP, various police forces and munitions plants.

How it Works

The MACS is securely constructed with a 9.5 mm plate steel armoured shell containing a primary burner, where the ammunition is loaded into two trays and detonated. A secondary afterburner, located above the primary burner, destroys harmful gaseous compounds before emitting exhaust. The burners are fueled by on-board propane tanks resulting in temperatures reaching 482C in the primary chamber, and 982C in the secondary chamber, while the brass shells remain with the loading trays. The indirect firing technology results in low emissions, creating and environmentally friendly and safe unit. It efficiently disposes of up to 45.5 kg of ammunition in an hour or less. An electronic control panel monitors temperature, burners and cooling fan operation. p

Key Benefits

  • renders harmless 45.5 kg of ammunition per hour – up to 50 cal.
  • 97% of recycleable material is recovered per burn cycle
  • Meets Requirements of Technical Safety Standard Associations, and electrical and environmental regulations in many jurisdictions.
  • Transport the unit to where it is needed - towing weight is 1,800 kilograms - using standard vehicles rated for this class
  • Safe disposal of ammunition due to heavy plate steel construction and many safety features including interlocking electronic controls and over-pressure relief doors.


  • Complete unit weights 1800 kgs
  • Trailer is 4.27 meters(L) x 1.83 meters(W), and includes electric brakes
  • Handles up to 50 caliber ammunitions
  • Burns up to 45.5 kgs of ammunition per one hour cycle
  • 3-12.5 kg propane bottles allow for 12 burn cycles before refilling
  • 97% of recyclable material can be recovered after 1 burn cycle
  • Includes spare tire, portable generator and weatherproof cover
  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • TSSA inspected
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment approval
  • Meets Electrical Codes for all countries
  • Suggested operation at a minimum distance of 250 meters from an occupied facility
  • Stationary, not-trailerable unit and product customization available
  • International versio

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